Red & Magenta Collection


  • A Fun Little Pink

    A Fun Little Pink

    For a fun children's bathroom, use this perfect pink for this space. Add white trim as well as deep charcoal accents.

  • Almost Pink

    Almost Pink

    This fun pink is perfect for a teen room. Adds pops of charcoal and black for a contrasting statement.

  • Antique Fuchsia Antique Fuchsia

    Antique Fuchsia

    This bright fuchsia is an alluring accent wall. Add an accent of mystery by using deep charcoals for an adjoining room to balance out the drama.

  • Attic Trunk Red

    Attic Trunk Red

    This toned red-brown will comfort any living space. Lighten surrounding walls with light dusty pinks.

  • Barely Blush

    Barely Blush

    This soft peach is perfect for a lovely dining room. Pair with the off-white and contemporary furnishing of metals and glass finishes.

  • Bashful Pink

    Bashful Pink

    This soft powdery pink is delightful for a small powder room. Elegant off whites romance this space in your cozy home.

  • Bay Coral

    Bay Coral

    This pastel coral is an attractive hue for a girl's room. Accents of soft teal surround this delightful color with complete harmony.

  • Beautiful Bisque

    Beautiful Bisque

    For a beautiful nursery, this bisque softness is perfect for a baby's room. Add white trim and accents of minty greens and blues.

  • Berrydale


    This warm vintage inspired coral is perfection in a sitting room. Light creams for trim and deeper wood accent colors create a stunning atmosphere.

  • Blushing Pink

    Blushing Pink

    This youthful pink can be expressed in a children's bathroom. Contrast with white accessories and pastel greens.

  • Bubblegum Pink

    Bubblegum Pink

    This bubbly fun pink can be accented with an activity area of a home. Complement with accents of perky greens to create a dazzling space.

  • Candy Apple Candy Apple

    Candy Apple

    A classic red adding drama to an entrance of your home. White trims are perfect for this exuberant color.