Blue & Teal


  • Approaching Storm

    Approaching Storm

    This deep sophisticated blue tone is perfect for an accent in a study. Pair with light greyed walls and golden woodtones in furniture.

  • Batik Green

    Batik Green

    This dark midtone blue green hue is a perfect for an ocean theme for kids room. Select ocean corals and pinks as accents in this area.

  • Bright Bay Blue

    Bright Bay Blue

    This bright blue works for a nautical theme for a boys room. Trim in white and varied blue tones create an outstanding space.

  • Caribbean Sea

    Caribbean Sea

    This tropical inspired teal is exquisite in any space. A bedroom or bathroom are great places to start.

  • Clipper Ship Blue

    Clipper Ship Blue

    A bright blue hue adds drama to a boys bedroom. Contrasting orange accents add a pop of energy into the space.

  • Deepest Woodland Green

    Deepest Woodland Green

    For a natural woods inspired dining room, select this green for added depth. Surrounding walls can be rich camel tonest to add lightness to this area.

  • Global Waters

    Global Waters

    This complex deep blue is an sophisticated accent wall. Pair with with dusty corals for a complementary scheme.

  • Hawaiian Teal

    Hawaiian Teal

    This vibrant teal creates a beautiful fun interior of choice. Trimming in white highlights the teal majestically stands out.

  • Hemlock Green

    Hemlock Green

    A hunter green hue is quite lovely in a study. Surround the library books with this elegant color.

  • Kingfisher Blue

    Kingfisher Blue

    This deep teal works well as an accent in a choice bedroom. Hints of goldtones pair elegantly with this hue.